MyPower provides users with a real-time picture of their energy consumption behaviour at a glance.

Learn, improve.

For Utilities across the world customer retention and knowledge of his behaviour is key to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

Introducing MyPower

MyPower is an Home Intelligence technology that enables user to monitor and control their home energy consumption using Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring system and extrapolating trends from customer data used to make energy saving recommendations for the customer.

Such device would play a significant role for UtilityCo in the current competitive market as it would

Enhance customer retention, improving churn rate and reducing Cost-to-Acquire, as such device could be offered by UtilityCo as part of a commercial package including a lock-in contractual clause in exchange for the device.


Gain first-hand knowledge of customer behaviour, enabling UtilityCo to adopt a behavioural pricing and marketing with a broad-based value-added service strategy.


The end user, the UtilityCo retail client, will get this service included in its bill and will enjoy a wide arrays of value added services that stem from this innovative digital platform.

The power to know what is actually happening at home. Not only monitoring your home energy consumption, but knowing every appliance usage real-time, makes you feel more safe, secure and efficient.

The power to improve your energy consumption pattern, by changing habits or inefficient appliance, makes you smarter and energy-friendly ...and saving money on your electricity bill is also welcome

the product

Competitive Advantage

We aim at partnering with major utilities worldwide and supporting their digital transformation strategy

MyPower has been designed bottom up with UtilityCo business needs and economic constraints in mind and is now available as a white label and fully customizable platform.

MyPower represents an unique tool for Utilities to manage dialogue and communication with their clients and to provide value-added services. This will differentiate UtilityCo away from its competitors in a highly commoditized sector.

How We Work

Looks beautiful on all displays.

MyPower app screens


Our 3 clicks account setup is extremely user friendly. No batteries required. Once installed, it is virtually forever online.

Cost efficient

Each Wi-Fi Power Sensor costs a fraction of similar B2C products. Installation is quick and retro-fits most domestic systems. It relies on three amperometric clamps attached to service mains in the breaker panel.

Cloud based

Our sophisticated, cloud based, disaggregation algorithm achieves superior appliance detection performance.

Self learning

The crowd-sourced and self-fulfilling database of home appliances “signatures” further strengthen the event recognition capabilities over time.


MyPower runs real-time. The Wi-Fi Power Sensor sends data every split second to the Cloud. The Cloud crunches it and makes the information available instantly on the smartphone app.

Flexible & customizable

The platform is available white label. It is fully customizable and integrates with UtilityCo legacy systems. The Companion App will be UtilityCo-branded and will conveys value-added services representing a strong CRM tool


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